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Beautifully curated, the amenities at ‘A‘ali‘i are designed to be an extension of your home.

Level 8 Indoor/Outdoor Private Lounges

Unique private indoor/outdoor lounges for your enjoyment and well-being.

Level 8 Indoor/Outdoor Private Lounges

A pool and spa, cabanas and lounges, a children’s play area and more. World-class amenities make your own home feel like the greatest getaway.

Level 8 Pool Deck

Imagine Living at ‘A‘ali‘i

Wake to the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. Head to the fitness center for a workout. Discover the neighborhood on your walk to work. Return home to familiar faces at the front desk. Make your way up to the rooftop to soak in a breathtaking South Shore sunset. It's just another day at ‘A‘ali‘i.

Entry Lobby